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Our history

Fort Fibre Ottiche was founded in Italy in 1978, with the aim of organizing and promoting the sale of a wide range of fiber optic products: data transmission cables, endoscopes, optoelectronic systems and special devices, as well as lighting systems. Over the years, our customers' satisfaction has been our greatest asset towards business growth.

In addition to fiber optics, we also specialize in designing and constructing LED systems. Our own production plants in Italy are equipped with most innovative machineries, enabling us to meet the needs of the various fields of use and granting us the possibility to offer customized solutions according to the different projects we are involved in.

Our mission

Fort Fiber Ottiche is a symbol of excellence and is present in all fields of use of optical fibers with products which are designed, prototyped, manufactured, tested and installed by qualified personnel.

We have established a leading role on the domestic and international markets, cooperating with the most important Italian cultural institutions, in both public and private areas, thanks to our flexibility and propensity to experiment new applications of fiber optics and LED systems.

Research, experimentation and continuous challenge towards new creations and collaborations are the basis of our mission.

Our team

Based in the province of Bergamo, in Italy, Fort Fibre Ottiche has several production units, located throughout the country and actively operates in many foreign countries.

We are equipped to meet the needs of the various fields of use of optical fibers for data transmission and lighting, with innovative possibilities of customization, according to the different market requirements.

In the naval field, our specialized technicians are in Genoa, Ancona, Marghera and Monfalcone; our teams can reach the different shipyards all over the World, according to the open orders.

Customize your projects

Thanks to the experience gained, we internally develop and create specific products and systems made on projects and manufactured upon customers' requests.

We find solutions in the lighting field and create data transmission systems tailored to the customers, supporting them from consultancy to installation and after-sales phase. At the heart of our work there's a quick and complete sampling service, thanks to an internal laboratory which creates necessary prototypes.

In our workshops, preparation of the polishing surface for glass fiber bundles.

Glass fibers bundle.

In our workshops, making of a common end for a glass fiber bundle.

In our workshops, visualisation of the polishing of a fiber-mounted connector for data transmission.

A processing step in our workshops: bonding with positioning of the fiber optics under the IR lamps.

A processing step of mechanical parts.

Dichroic filters used for colour-changing discs and special applications.

A phase of quality control on data transmission cables in our laboratories.

Data transmission fiber optics cables on spools.

Shipment of fiber optic cable spools for data transmission from our Curno site.

Our technicians at the Monfalcone shipyard. In the foreground the first Fort Fiber Ottiche logo.

Fiber optic installation by light art artist Carlo Bernardini, Submerged Breath, Metz.

Fiber optic installation in the outdoor area of an Italian restaurant.

LED lighting restyling, Museo di Storia Naturale, Venezia.

Restyling of display windows with fiber optic lighting systems integrated with LED light sources, Casa Manzoni, Milan.

Fiber optics installation with LED light source, Museo della Musica, Venezia.

Lighting design and restyling with fiber optic and LED systems, Gioielleria Mariani, Monza.

Lighting design, fitting and installation of LED systems, Marine Interiors Headquarters, Ronchi dei Legionari.

3D LED model of an urban planning project, Paris.

Lighting design with fiber optic and LED systems, Relaxation Area, Cagliari.

Supply and installation of side glow fiber optics and LED systems, Wellness Area, Holland American Line Koningsdam.

Supply and installation of decorative lamps, Spanish Restaurant, Windstar Breeze.

Supply and installation of decorative lamps, Video Arcade, Carnival Vista.

Supply and installation of illuminated sign, Market Place, Carnival Horizon.

Supply and installation of decorative lamps, La Biennale, Costa Venezia.

Brochures and catalogues

View our corporate and naval brochures here. You can also request our lighting catalogue.

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