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Special environments

Innovation and functional solutions

Fort Fibre Ottiche considers every project and every space as unique. Thanks to the proven know-how and internal structure, the design and manufacturing of fibre optics is always customised according to the client’s needs: companies, professionals and artists who have allowed us to supply creative products designed, studied and manufactured according to specyfical technical features.

Fort Fibre Ottiche focuses on being up-to-date with the latest innovations, proposing functional solutions ranging from industrial automation to special projects which imply new processes characterised by excellence and a special combination of craftsmanship and technology.

Light guides, medical sector, custom projects

Over the years, Fort Fibre Ottiche developed a complete range of fiber optics light guides, applicable in all fields, from the aeronautical to the automotive and motor sectors, from the petrochemical to the naval sector, from railway to medical.Furthermore, Fort Fibre Ottiche is dealing with a wide range of industrial endoscopes, allowing a wide focal depth and a clear view of the surface to be examined, to explore what cannot be observed by the naked eye. The proposed solutions are designed with the aim of creating efficient, reliable and innovative products. The “Standard” range, which includes more than 300 models available with four different fixed viewing directions, makes it possible to cope with the most varied control situations hard to reach areas. The precise and robust mechanics and the range of accessories, with the possibility of connecting to cameras and video cameras, are combined with extreme practicality and reliability in industrial use, even in the most extreme conditions. We also supply modular endoscopes with extensible structure, mostly used in the construction sector. Thanks to extension tubes, real “optical extensions”, it is possible to reach considerable lengths.

Our team

Over the years, a work team has been created in Fort Fibre Otttiche for this sector of application. Our technicians are trained to work “on the field” in construction sites, companies and offices for cabling and certifying fiber optic systems. Our experience in the corporate and medical world market of fiber optics, especially thanks to the development of innovative solutions, allows us to respond to the needs of our customers and to develop and implement custom projects of optical components and mechanical components for applications in every sector and scope.

3D led model of an urban planning project, Paris.

3D led model of an urban planning project, Paris.

Light guides produced in our laboratory for the medical sector.

Fiber optic processing.

Working stage of mechanical parts.

Light guide for the medical sector.

Ship model illuminated with fiber optics, Costa Crociere.

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